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Ah, the single-voice read radio spot. A golden opportunity to turn what many see as a lump of coal into a diamond. Whether being produced with SAG talent, local non-union talent, or the intern down at the local farm report station, I can write a script that doesn’t require much artistic interpretation to sound genuinely artful. (The constraints of this format enable me to offer a set price, in case you’re wondering why more complex items require a custom estimate.)



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The single-voice-read script is by its nature a simpler script to write than one with dialogue or a narrative story. As such, it is the only type I feel comfortable listing on here at a flat fee as opposed to doing an estimate. I love writing and producing radio spots, and I have probably produced over 500 single-voice spots alone. I can make them interesting as long as you allow me to inject some brand voice personality into them. If your brand voice has no personality, well, I recommend adding this to your cart.

Sort of. Unless otherwise noted in an item’s description, the fees listed are not negotiable. However, if you want a variation of the listed service, feel free to contact me for an estimate or simply note it when you submit a request for such an estimate. For example, if you’d like to see 10 headline options while buying the rights to 4, I can do that. I just didn’t want to clutter the site with every possible permutation. I’m sure you can appreciate that.

As long as you’ve paid for it, not at all. Yes, it may make me sad if you shoehorn in a bit of, no offense, “client speak,” but you own it so go nuts. If you just need a little help finessing something, give me a shout. I’m not that much of a tightwad.

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