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If you require more, shall we say, customized solutions that fit your specific needs (as in, a new idea), I can help. I just have no idea what said help might cost without knowing more information about your project. So, please contact me with said info and we’ll get the greatness rolling. Yes, this product is a complete MacGuffin. But, unlike a David Lynch film, I do provide answers elsewhere.

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Terms & Conditions

By continuing to use the website AdSavior.net you agree that the information contained herein is for informational purposes only. The act(s) of requesting a quote or quotes (i.e., estimates) for the services listed is an offer on your part to employ the freelance services of the site’s owner, Jason Fox. Through this site, Jason Fox is not making an offer of services to you. Jason Fox is listing common examples of services and their associated fees. Jason Fox is under no obligation to accept employment from anyone submitting a quote request, nor to provide a reason for not doing so.

An offer of business engagement occurs when you submit a request for a quote. If Jason Fox accepts this offer, he will respond with a counteroffer in the form of an invoice. Your payment of this invoice signals acceptance of this counteroffer and establishes the business relationship vis-à-vis the agreed-upon quote. At any time before payment is rendered, either party may step away from the project in good faith and with no remuneration or services due to the other party.

By using the services of Jason Fox, you accept all legal risk with regard to fitness for a particular use, and agree that responsibility to perform due diligence regarding copyrights or other legal issues regarding the production of advertising are yours to fulfill. Jason Fox will not knowingly copy any existing work, but does not have the capacity nor legal qualifications to guarantee that someone, somewhere has not used the same idea, words or pictures in a way that might prohibit you from doing so. If in the course of preparing your work for publication you determine that ideas or words provided by Jason Fox cannot be used for copyright reasons, your only form of remuneration is the replacement of such work with work of the same type; e.g., a headline for a headline, etc. This work-for-work replacement remedy holds true only until the work is published, at which point you accept all responsibility and ownership of it.


As long as you’ve paid for it, not at all. Yes, it may make me sad if you shoehorn in a bit of, no offense, “client speak,” but you own it so go nuts. If you just need a little help finessing something, give me a shout. I’m not that much of a tightwad.

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