Ad Savior

I jest not. “Savior” is really the only word that fits what I do here without sounding like a coupon book; e.g., “Ad Saver.”

I can see how some people might think so, but if I agreed in the slightest I wouldn’t use the name. All I can do is save ads. Only Christ can save your soul. And if having the word “savior” in this site’s title makes people think about that even a little bit, it’s worth the sideways glances. And that’s all the proselytizing I’ll do here. But if you’d like to chat about it, shoot me a message.

No. But I appreciate your use of “iconography.”

Yes. I realize that sounds a bit arrogant, but this is what I do. Would you go to a surgeon who only promises to give it the ol’ college try? With today’s healthcare costs, maybe. But still. I take what I do very seriously. Myself, less so. Obviously.

No. I believe poo, regardless of its source, almost always leans to the putrid side of the odor-o-meter. However, I have become quite adept at sorting the poo from the pearls, as they say, and only send you the latter.

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Prices & Payments

If your CFO won’t let you use the corporate card due to some completely overblown Vegas-related expenditures from a few months ago, don’t worry. I can also take Venmo or Dwolla. Or, if you are (fiduciary) duty-bound to send a company check, just take a picture of it filled out (front and back), and I will, in good faith, start on the project while the check is in the non-proverbial mail. It’s just people helping people, right?

Sort of. Unless otherwise noted in an item’s description, the fees listed are not negotiable. However, if you want a variation of the listed service, feel free to contact me for an estimate or simply note it when you submit a request for such an estimate. For example, if you’d like to see 10 headline options while buying the rights to 4, I can do that. I just didn’t want to clutter the site with every possible permutation. I’m sure you can appreciate that.

Well, why not? You’re paying for a specific service with specific deliverables provided within a specific time. Kind of like a haircut, only it looks good immediately and will keep looking good even after you shower. Do you get to pay your stylist 60 days later? It might be worth trying just to put on Snapchat. But, if you prefer the more traditional freelance structure, please contact me.

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Other Services

Yes. And by “yes” I mean “probably.” If you want me to buy media, then the answer is no. If you want me to work with your media planner to determine how to best get your message out there in a creative way, then yes. You can almost feel the synergy, can’t you?

Yes. A retainer is a fantastic idea. I applaud your brilliance in considering it.

You bet. Head to the contact page or call 310-976-1376 to let me know what you’re thinking.

You’ll find a few bits and pieces, such as headlines and video scripts, on here that can be used for social media campaigns. For more comprehensive help – ongoing tweets, Twitter voice, Facebook content, Snapchat/Vine campaign ideas, etc. – please contact me to discuss. Or, you know, send a DM to @AdSavior.

Yes. I know a lot of good people who are great at what they do. Even account management.

Yes. Assuming you want to pay for travel and lodging.

I will gladly consider all opportunities, especially those involving the production of actual work as opposed to just talking about producing work.

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You mean my blog? It’s over here. I don’t post nearly as often as I did in the olden days of the mid-aughts, but roll the dice. Who knows what disturbing ad theory you may find.

I have no one to blame buy myself. So if something doesn’t work, please let me know so I can spend the next three weeks hunting down one misplaced semicolon.

The main Ad Savior logo was designed by Amy Young, whom you should also hire. Because great words without great design are a great many steps below a “Star Wars” title crawl.

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