Fast, good and cheaper than fail.

The Ad Savior has one mission: To rescue your agency or brand from the tyranny of looming deadlines and the threat of the work not reaching its potential. If you have neither the time nor the money to waste waiting for your prayers of greatness to be answered, they just were.


A specific set of skills for a particular group of people.

If you don’t need to be convinced of the power of a great idea, the importance of a singular tone of voice, or the wisdom of smart, relevant copy, you won’t need much convincing to give me a go.

The Suffering

People at agencies or brands who appreciate the value of the written word and its place at the heart of great work. People who have a good creative staff overburdened by a great mass of too many things. People weary of spending day rates on junior freelancers just hoping for one nugget of pyrite. People who don’t want to pay good money for bad puns. Yes, the “bad” is redundant.

The Servant

Jason Fox. The chin behind @leeclowsbeard and the strategic voice behind hundreds of brands big and small. Twenty-plus years as a lead copywriter and creative director. Is he a conceptualizing demigod or the second coming of Bernbach? Since he’s writing this blurb, he’ll demurely say no. But can he keep your creative bacon from getting burnt? Oh yes.


The free exchange of money for magic.

Ad Savior works on the basic premise that you should know what you’re getting and what it’s going to cost before you pay for it. And that services are rendered upon payment instead of 60 days before.

Select which services you would like performed and add them to your quote request via the standard cart system. Don’t worry, you’re not actually committing to anything just yet.

I’ll review your request and, if necessary, contact you for additional information. If I can do what you need when you need it, I will send you an invoice.

You pay the invoice. I do my thing. Very, very quickly. Everybody wins. And on the off chance you don’t feel like you’ve won, contact me and we’ll figure out how to get you something much better than a participation ribbon.


When it absolutely, positively has to be amazing overnight. Or over lunch.

Not all creative services lend themselves to specific, no-dicker-sticker prepackaging. But you might be amazed at how many do. Below are the categories into which such services fall. Click on through to Services to see individual offerings. As always, if you don’t see what you need, contact me.


All things word-based. New, rewritten, given the ol’ once-over. If it needs more bite, punch, another violent metaphor or a certain je ne sais quoi, this is the ticket.

Creative Direction

My only interest is in seeing your work, your clients and their brands succeed. Be it for a lowly display ad or a full pitch, if you need an apolitical second opinion, you’ve found it.


You can’t build great work on a pile of strategic dung. From complete brand platforms to specific messaging issues, I’ll help set you back on the sweet-smelling path of success. Guaranteed not to use the preceding metaphor.


TV, radio, online video, etc. Basic scripts to rewrites. New ideas and other, more complicated pieces can be estimated upon request.

Press Releases

Things you want to say turned into thing people actually want to reprint. And read. And respond to. Like advertising, but with more paragraphs and a dateline.


Where to go when you don’t see or can’t find what you’re looking for. When in doubt, ask. Chances are I do it. Or at least know someone else really, really good who does.